Sunday, June 27, 2010

Convention Goodies- Midnight Madra Lord

I need to post more on my blogs, so I am going to blog about all the cool stuff I received and bought at the convention until I finish my next batch of Gene fashions.

Right now I have only 4 Madras, "Deep Rose", "Love Madra", "Special Scene Madra", and "Midnight Madra Lord" I hope I will be able to add more Integrity Madras in the future though.

This blog is about my favorite Madra, "Midnight Madra Lord" she is so gorgeous.

Her gown is very high fashion it was inspired by this Madame Grès creation. I love it in navy blue. The only thing I don't like are the gloves. I took them off as soon as I deboxed her because I was worried about staining, then I couldn't get them back on. Most of the IT Gene's gloves are impossible to put on though.

I love the color and style of her hair. I have been snipping off the stray hairs with little scissors though to clean up her hair-do.

Her face is gorgeous. Her lips are a dark red and eye make-up matches her dress.

This is the picture that made me say, "WOW!" I love the halter back.

Midnight Madra is wearing a new outfit now and is waiting for me to take more pictures of her.

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