Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If I Could Only Find the Fabric

When I am feeling bogged down with my sewing projects, I find myself distracted on the computer looking at fashions that I want to make. I love this dress and want to make it so badly. But where am I going to find two different sized dots that are the same type of fabric and color?

1955 14

Here is another photo of the same dress. I love it!

1955 93

I’m feeling a new obsession coming on.

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Belladonna said...

Gene Marshall has similar dress. I just can't recall the name of the dress. I guess you love the different size on the top & bottom polka dots or maybe the picture. It reminds me of Fred Astaire & Ginger Roger dancing in a tune "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by Gershwin. The fabric is probably just cotton.