Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn in Paris

Oh my gosh!  Two posts in one day!  I can’t believe my awesomeness!

This post is about photography, one of the many things that I need to work on, along with not buying more  fabric, and making better use of my time.

Autumn in Paris 3

I blame the incredible Rebecca’s blog for my new obsession; buying large posters for use as backdrops.  She can also be blamed for my recent purchase of all four Grace Kelly Barbies, even though I don’t really collect that size of fashion doll anymore.  Sigh, I am so weak.


I found this poster titled “Autumn in Paris” at Michael's a few months ago, I love it.  I need to figure out how to blend the ground with the poster, but at least Ivy is standing by herself in this picture.

Autumn in Paris 6

I hate to always crop off her feet.

Autumn in Paris 5

This one is not so good.

Autumn in Paris 2

I love the close-ups of the doll with the poster.

Autumn in Paris 1

This is “Symphony in G Minor” with a new body wearing an outfit I made years ago to go with the hat from one of the Ashton Drake’s hat and purse sets.

Autumn in Paris 7

More close-ups

Autumn in Paris 8


Autumn in Paris 9

Now I need to go mop a sticky floor.


Belladonna said...

Thank you for introducing Rebecca's blog. I find hairstyling for dolls very useful and easy to follow :)

Vanessa said...

Love your pictures. Those outfits are just incredible. That poster is the perfect backdrop.

Erin said...

How cute! I love this backdrop!