Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jean Patou

I’m procrastinating a trip to the post office, so I decided to share some pretty for your enjoyment.

I have a thing for red suits and I think Jean Patou did too. I don’t know much about the designer yet, but I have a growing file of his work.

These are from L’ Officiel, you can find the archives of this wonderful magazine here. Man I wish I could read French sometimes!

circa 1955

1955 1 Patau

Circa 1955

1955 90

circa 1956

1956 1 Patau

circa 1957

1957 1 Patau

circa 1957

1957 2 Patau

Which one is your favorite? I can’t decide, though I am drawn to both the red with the leopard fur ensembles.


Daveland said...

My vote is for the last one with the leopard trim. Jean Patou also made my grandmother's favorite perfume, Joy.

Unknown said...

They are all beautiful outfits, but I confess a special affinity for the red coat in the first picture. It looks almost exactly like one I made for Home Ec. Mine didn't have such a tailored fit, but it gave me that dynamic presence I wanted. There is something about red...

Nowadays I wouldn't have the confidence to wear that much red. Ah, the ego of youth!

Belladonna said...

My favourite is the one with the lady sitting down. It will look fabulous on my 16" Tonner Miss America (Charlotte facial sculpt).

I like red colour on my dolls. It looks good on blondes, brunettes and black haired dolls.

donugene said...

Number 1 with the leopard accents. It looks like a coat dress. Very nice