Tuesday, February 21, 2012

“Imitation of Life” Cream Wool Coat Ensemble

This is the second time I have made this outfit.

IOL Cream Ensemble 6

It is inspired by the Lana Turner 1959 film, “Imitation of Life”.

IOL Cream Ensemble 9

My “Shadow Song” Gene was having a hard time standing on her own, so the chair came in handy. Thank goodness it matches the outfit.

IOL Cream Ensemble 2

IOL Cream Ensemble 7

Next time she wears this outfit, she is going to wear her white pearls.

IOL Cream Ensemble 8

To purchase this outfit, click here.


Jaël said...

So beautiful!!! Are you going to be selling the pattern?

Diane said...

Hi Jael, Yes I plan on making a pattern in a month or so.