Saturday, June 6, 2015

Modes Royale Cocktail Dress with Chiffon Bodice

This trio of dresses was inspired by a Modes Royale 1956-1957 Fall/Winter design.

I love the description of this dress-  "Scooped and contoured is the direction of this skirt planned to arch out at sides and glide at back."

View A is made out of black casa satin. I love this satin because it is not too shiny or flimsy.  It would also look beautiful in a print.

The sash and straps are tied slightly different than they are in the Modes Royal picture.  I will add pictures of the sash tied like the original picture at a future time.

Madra looks stunning in her new "Hutton" wig.

Originally I was only going to make the dress just like I saw it in the picture. 

But then I remembered the beautiful embroidered chiffon fabrics that I had bought a long time ago in Seattle.  So I created a View B.

View B has a full skirt and gives the dress another great look.

My two JAMIEshow Oonas are my models


The black chiffon is silk.  I prefer silk chiffon over polyester because it drapes better.

I used polyester chiffon for this dress though because my white silk chiffon is more of a cream than a true white.

 Then I had to try the design in lace.

Just when I thought I was done, I started wondering what the design would look like as a sheath. 
View C was made from embroidered chiffon.


But wait!!  That is not all!  I think I want to make a View D now.  It will be made out of a cotton print.  I will add the photos and instructions after I make it.

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