Friday, January 1, 2016

Black Lipstick Part III

Three more outfits of mine modeled by my "Black Lipstick" Gene.

I bought this awesome suit at Sandra Stillwell's "Toast of Manhattan" 2014 convention.  It has pockets.

Inspiration photo, circa 1956.  Suit was designed by Ben Zuckerman.

I took a bunch of photos of this suit before consulting the inspiration photo and discovered that I had put the broach in the wrong place.

That meant retaking the photos, ugh.

 Did I mention that I love the pockets?

This suit is fabulous!

I made this 2-piece dress in 2004.

I'm not good at naming my outfits, but I felt this outfit needed a name.  I asked my Gene friends on The Studio Commissary for suggestions and Jason in KY's "Sterling Society was my favorite.  Thank you Jason!

The outfit was inspired by a 1954 Vogue pattern.

I made this dress to go with the fabulous silver hat and purse set.


In 2000, Ashton Drake created four different boxed sets of hats and purses.  Of course I had to have all four sets, which means 12 incredible sets.

The silver hat and purse were from set #1

What good is a hat and purse set if there isn't an outfit to go with it?

Like many of my early outfits, I do plan on making a pattern of this to sell.

Close-ups of the hat and purse.

They really are incredible!

Last but not least, this beautiful cocktail dress.
This dress is from my most recent batch of outfits. 

It is made of satin and organza.  The lace was clipped off a larger piece of lace and hand sewn onto the dress.

The hard cap wig is by Ilaria, and is called "The Italian Cut"  I LOVE it.

I was tempted to keep this dress for myself, but I sold it to a very nice customer.

I need more Ilaria wigs.

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