Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 Spring/Summer Display

It's been a long, dreary, wet, soggy, dank, moist, dark, winter here in Vancouver, Washington.  I loved dressing my Gene collection in their beautiful Spring/Summer outfits.
I want you all to know that I made a big change to my doll display. 
In the Fall, I stuffed almost my entire Gene and friends collection into my new Ikea BESTA cabinet.  I was feeling like I had too many dolls and needed to down-size my doll collection.

Evening gowns
As you can see, there are less dolls now in each box.

Cocktail dresses
I like this look a lot better.

 More evening dresses

My bridal wear collection

More daywear

I even have room to create some little scenes.

 I know you're thinking, "Wow! Diane, you really did downsize your doll collection!"

  "I'm so proud of you for letting go of a lot of dolls, that must have been so hard!"
"Less is more, right?" 
WRONG!  I tricked you all!

I didn't get rid of any dolls!  I made an even bigger doll cabinet on the other side of my sewing room.  I might have covered up one of my 5 windows with this massive baby.   Who needs 5 windows in a sewing room when you need another huge doll cabinet?

 The Belle of New Orleans gown is so massive it needs its own zip code.

 The rest of my "Belle of New Orleans" collection waiting to be photographed.  I made 3 of the cubes bigger by leaving out the middle board.

My red, white, and blue collection

Garden party outfits
So I went from thinking about selling some of my dolls to now needing more dolls!
I'm a genius!
Or crazy?
The bottom of this cabinet will display the rest of my non Gene dolls, if I can find the energy to dress them.  I have an American Girl doll, Robert Tonner Magic Attic dolls, very vintage Madame Alexander dolls, and others. 


Belladonna said...

Who needs 5 windows in a sewing room when you need another huge doll cabinet? AMEN TO THAT!
We don't have BESTA in Australia but we do have BRIMNES. Slightly expensive but at least my dolls are protected by dust (hopefully, BRIMNES has glass door).

I love your dolls especially their wardrobes.

Hirokun said...

I love the Besta cabinets. I tried looking on Ikea for them but couldn't find them. Did you purchase them recently?

Diane said...

For my first cabinet, I used 3 TV stands that we stacked

The dimensions are 70 7/8"W X 15 3/4"D X 25 1/4"H product #702.998.79

There ended up being some holes in the back of the cabinets for TV cords that I have temporarily covered with poster board.

For the second cabinet I combined 4 #102.458.46's with 4 302.458.50's. We left three of the larger frames open and had to cover up some holes in the back with the poster board.

I was going to have a wider box on the bottom row, but we decided to put in the middle piece for better support, so I could have saved a little money if I had bought 6 double frames an 2 single frames.

I also bought legs and a metal support legs for the cabinets.

Right now they are basic, I may add glass doors and lights, and cover the holes better, but for now I am happy with them.

The boxes are high enough to do three rows of dolls, Caroline's parlor pieces fit inside, except for the fireplace one.

Hopefully that helps.

Steve said...

I vote for Crazy