Friday, March 14, 2014

My Patriotic Modes Royale Collection

I know it isn't exactly the right time of the year to be posting these photos, but I just recently did this photo shoot and I didn't want to wait until July to blog about them.  Know myself, I will probably be distracted doing something else by that time.

These three outfits were inspired by Modes Royale patterns from the 50's.  My lovely blond beauties from left to right are:  Distant Venus restyled by me, Blue Avenue, and Suited For Fur restyled by Kathy Johnson.

Independent Miss

This outfit is adorable!  It was on my "to do" list, but when I saw Sandra Stillwell's version at last Summer's "Every Day Is a Holiday" I snatched one up for myself.  It is from Spring 1950.

I love that there is a photo and a drawing of this dress in the catalog.

The ensemble included the dress, belt, hat, gloves, and jewelry.  The shoes were borrowed from a different Sandra Stillwell outfit.

Liberty Belle

OK, I just made up the name of this outfit.  I never name my clothes, but since the other two outfits have names I needed one for mine.
This is from the Spring/Summer 1952 catalog.

The bow on the dress is pulled through a buttonhole on the jacket.

I made a large batch of these back in 2009.  It has been one of my most popular outfits ever.  I still get request from time to time to make more of them.  It is also the first pattern I created to sell.  I now have 24 patterns in my collection.


Sandra offered this outfit as a pre-order at last Summer's convention.  I knew I needed it to complete my collection.

This design is from 1950 also.

I love that Sandra changed the jacket to navy and added the navy straw hat.

This outfit included the dress, jacket, hat, gloves, belt, shoes and jewelry.

 Hopefully by Summer I will take more photos of my other red, white, blue outfits together.

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Belladonna said...

On the doll, the Liberty Belle outfit is the best :D

Blue, red & white colour also apply to many flags of different nation such as United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands & (I bet) many others.