Friday, November 21, 2014

My Top 10 Christian Dior Favorites From 1951

OK, I am going to admit up front that I cheated a little on this post.  I couldn't narrow it down to only 10 designs, so I grouped a few designs together.

You will notice from these photos, that Dior had a thing for short jackets in 1951.  I want to make most of these outfits for my dolls.

Warning, I may use the word "love" too much.

First off, we have this beautiful confection of a gown, sigh.........
 What's not to love?

I love this dragonfly dress
This is Integrity Toys' Champs-Élysées Victoire Roux Doll her dress is inspired by Dior's dragonfly dress.  She was created by the brilliant doll designer Chris Stoeckel.   She is perfection, I don't own any Victoire dolls yet, but I don't really collect the 12" dolls.

 (Photo property of Integrity Toys)

 I included pictures of this dress because it is very similar to the dragonfly dress.


I love these short jackets.

 I also grouped the next two dresses with the short jackets together.

 I love the bow on the front of the jacket in this picture.

Love the fabric of this dress.

A colored photo of this dress with a coat, bonus!  I wonder if the sleeves are a part of a big bow.

 I am not sure if the muff is the same one with this green suit, but I love it.


Notice that all three of the outfits in this photo are my favorites?  Someone else has great taste too!


 Same bodice with a fuller skirt.

This stunning gown was recreated for Gene by JAMIEshow, I am thrilled to own this doll.  The dress is gorgeous.

( Photo by George Gonzalez)

( Photo by George Gonzalez)

Last but not least, is this gown.

The last three photos are from "Le Petit Théâtre Dior - Making of "Mexique" dress".  To see this video click here.  Be prepared to swoon if you love Dior, miniatures, and sewing.  I want to see this exhibition sooooooo bad!


Unknown said...

I absolutely love the fashions that you have reproduced for fashion doll clothes. I wish that I could study these fashions with you. I would spend all of my spear time sewing with you.

Diane said...

That would be so much fun Maria.