Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Funny Face" Yellow Print Dress

It always seems like I have to write about the fabric when I blog about my outfits. This time is no exception.

I have made a few of the outfits from Audrey Hepburn's move "Funny Face". I plan on making more in the future, like the wedding dress again, and the train station suit ( if I can figure out how to make a flower pot hat).

This dress was on the screen for just a moment, but I loved it. I looked for years for the right fabric. At first I wanted silk, yeah right, dream on. Then I decided to use a cotton print. I mean how hard would it be to find a yellow, orange and red small floral print? Well it was harder than I thought it would be. I'm sure it exists, but it wasn't to be found in Western Washington.

I like the yellow and orange print I found, it is fun and sunny. Sewing on cotton was a lot of fun too. It had been a while.

I found pictures online of the whole dress, and was surprised to see it had a peplum like over-skirt.

I didn't have a brunette Gene with her hair up that worked with the hat except for "Oh La La". She didn't look sweet enough to wear it so I used my "Candied Lavender" Gene. It was her first modeling gig and she did a great job.

The hat is made of cream cross stitch fabric and bias cut silk dupioni. It was a lot harder than the dress to make.