Sunday, December 13, 2015

I Might Need More Dolls Part I

Between my last two sewing projects I sorted through my massive doll clothes collection.  My dolls dress a million times better than I do!  I decided that I had too much of everything.  Even though I have over 100 fashion dolls displayed in my sewing room, my dresser is stuffed with doll clothes.  I pulled out quite a few outfits that I thought I didn't love and made the decision to part with them.

But, to sell these outfits, I felt I need good pictures of them.  I did my best to gather up all the pieces of each outfit.  The jewelry was mixed up with all the other jewelry, the shoes were somewhere else.  I had to use the pamphlets that came with each outfit for information and I also had to Google many of the Ashton Drake and Integrity outfits to see good photos of the originals.

I chose the dolls that I thought would be the best models for each outfit, and the best backdrops that I owned.  After my photo shoot, I may have changed my mind about selling a few of these outfits.

WARNING!  There are a lot of pictures in this post.

Blossoms in the Snow

JAMIEshow's "Phoenix" Gene is modeling this outfit.  The backdrop was sent to me by mistake, but I think it is perfect for this gown.

I love the brunette wigcap with this outfit.  I don't love the ribbon flowers though.  I think I may replace them with white silk flowers.

Though I am not usually a big gown fan, this outfit is staying in my collection.

Somewhere Summer

This dress is adorable.

My model is a restyled "Suited for Fur" Gene.

The sleeves are especially nice.

Heart of Hollywood

I have a new appreciation for this outfit.  It is stunning!  The coat fabric is stiff, but the gown underneath the doll is wonderful.

The coat has a split back so the bow on the back of the gown can be displayed.  I love this!

I don't think I am going to change her clothes for a while.

Possible inspiration picture

So many details
This outfit will be a keeper too.

On the Veranda

This beautiful dress is modeled by my JAMIEshow "Le Jazz Hot" Oona


"Candied Lavender" is my model for this suit.


Kiss Me Gene

My JAMIEshow "Satin Violet" is modeling this lovely gown.  I like this color on her.

I love this doll!

I'm keeping this gown too.

Midnight Romance

My JAMIEshow "J'Adore" is modeling this fabulous gown.

Her hard wigcap is by Ilaria Mazzoni.  This is my first Ilaria wig, but not my last!

I might already have two more Ilaria wigs.

One of my favorite backdrops!

Sigh, another big poufy gown to keep!


My JAMIEshow "Spotted in Manhattan" Madra is ready to go on a Safari.  I'm not sure how far she is going in those shoes though.

I love the pith helmut and scarf.

Of the eight outfits that I photographed, I'm going to keep the four big poufy gowns.  Maybe I will buy more dolls to model all my clothes instead of downsizing my doll wardrobe.