Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dior's Envol Ensemble

This outfit was inspired by a 1948 Dior ensemble.

The first time I saw this outfit was on the cover of a Tom Tierney paper doll book.

(Of course I want to make the other two outfits on the cover.)

I first attempted this outfit ten years ago. 
It is a little different than the new version.
I lost count of how many outfits I made this time around, but each outfit has 12 buttons, 21 snaps, 18 beads, and 2 hooks.  That is A LOT of handwork.  I retrospect, I should have charged more for them.
Like all my other obsessions, I had to find as many pictures of this outfit as I could.  I tried to replicate a few of them with my "Black Lipstick" Gene.

I even made the gaiters.  They are a little bulkier than I wanted them to be, but working with human scaled fabrics in miniature is always a challenge.

Another thing that is hard to miniaturize is the drape of a garment.

Here are some more pictures that I found.

 My dolls need all of these outfits.
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