Monday, April 2, 2012

“Green Eyes” Gets a New Hairdo

I bought my “Green Eyes” Gene last Summer at the “Golden Gate Glamour” convention.  I had bought the “Green Eyes” gown a year earlier and was very excited to have both the doll and the outfit in my collection.


Peccadillo 5

Here she is wearing “Peccadillo”  I love this suit.


The only problem was

Peccadillo 2

Her hair was a mess. 


I don’t love loose, un-styled doll hair.  The Integrity Genes’ hair is very hard to manage.  Unless it is put up, or lacquered into a helmet-head it gets very messy.



Image Property of Integrity Toys


Of course in her promotion pictures her hair is lovely.


Image Property of Integrity Toys


But the dolls I get have messy hair and I  can NEVER resist brushing it out.  I always think that I am going to make it better, but I don’t.  I have many dolls in my collection that I thought I could “fix”.


This time I decide to have someone redo her hair who know what she is doing.  I sent my “Green Eyes” and another doll to the lovely Kathy Johnson in Oregon.


d red 3

She had a great time!


And I am now in love!





She is wearing the lovely “Criss Cross” gown.



Love the curls!



Doll and gown reunited.



Next time I use the backdrops I need to make sure that the door doesn’t curve at the bottom.  Otherwise I “heart” this photo.


Other new hairdo coming soon!