Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cristobal’s Collection

This post is a showcase of the wonderful swag that we received at the Golden Gate Glamour convention. This collection was inspired by the fabulous fashions of Cristobal Balenciaga.


“Cristobal’s Collection” (to include as many outfits as possible in this photo, I added two sheaths and a long skirt.)

I bought this same book at the DeJung Museum2

(Photo by Lori Richards)

This Jacket was one of the favorites among the convention attendees. I heard several woman wish that they had one in their own wardrobe.



We were so happy to receive our own jacket for our dolls. Our jacket is lined in black and is reversible. It can be worn with or without a belt.



I love this photo with the book.


(Photo by Lori Richards)



(Photo by Lori Richards)


This outfit was made by using the black top, black straight skirt, black bubble skirt, green wrap, and hat.



My favorite outfit of the collection is this blue print sheath with accessories.


I love the detachable hip bow.



I put the bow on the neck for a different look.



The last outfit of the convention was this evening ensemble.


This outfit includes the lace blouse, long straight skirt, floral belt, and white fur wrap.



The peach silk train is a different look.



The hat is adorable.


We also received this evening coat.



Sandra did a great job recreating this flower hat.


(Photo by Lori Richards)




More photos of the great stuff we received.




(Photo by Lori Richards)


(Photo by Lori Richards)


I don’t have a fashion sleuth picture for this coat and hat yet.



Look at all the possibilities!


(Photo by Lori Richards)


(Photo by Lori Richards)


(Photo by Lori Richards)

I hope to add more photos soon.

When I got home with all my new stuff, I put it all away without making a list of the whole collection, so I asked on the “Studio Commissary” if anyone had kept track of all of our swag. Thank you Kelly Ryan for this list!

Balenciaga and Spain booklet
Black folder w/ paper dolls, sketches
miniature books: Balenciaga and Spain (exhibit), Balenciaga and His Legacy
Wine fur short jacket, fur hat and jewelry
Wine burn out velvet swing coat/ belt
Black print sheath dress
Black print hip bow
Black print chiffon scarf
Black print pleated stole
Red/Black pleat sleeve jacket
Black short skirt w/ kick pleats
Black pouf skirt
Black 3/4 sleeve top
Black long skirt
Black lace over pink 3/4 sleeve top
Pink long pouf hip wrap
Pink brocade long coat
White fur stole
Black velvet hat w/ feather accent
Long black gloves
Short black gloves
Black velvet clutch purse
Red velvet long stole
Long red gloves
Green silk long wrap
Green silk short scarf
Black belt w/ buckle
Red belt w/ buckle
Black snap belt
Black and pink lace belt
Assorted rhinestone buckles
Red velvet hat w/ feather accent
Black lace net circle hat (large)
Black band hat
Black heavy lace cap hat (stunning!)
Black cap hat w/ large red rose

If I Could Only Find the Fabric

When I am feeling bogged down with my sewing projects, I find myself distracted on the computer looking at fashions that I want to make. I love this dress and want to make it so badly. But where am I going to find two different sized dots that are the same type of fabric and color?

1955 14

Here is another photo of the same dress. I love it!

1955 93

I’m feeling a new obsession coming on.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Golden Gate Glamour

When I heard that Sandra Stillwell was having a convention in San Francisco this year, I knew I had to go. Last year I had the privilege of attending Gene's last convention in Philadelphia. It was only my third doll convention ever, and I thought that would be it for me.

Sandra also had a small doll convention in September last year in Nashville, but I couldn't make it. I was green with envy when I saw all the photos from the convention. The doll fashions were stunning, and the activities looked like a lot of fun. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this year's convention.

I arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday, June 1st. I wanted to go on the tour on Thursday, it is a great way to get to know the other doll lovers and a lot of fun. I was happy to see a couple of familiar faces when I arrived at the hotel shuttle waiting area.

The convention was held at the Embassy Suites, it was a great place to stay. I loved my suite, and the food was very good.

Wednesday evening I had dinner with an old high school friend and her husband. I hadn't seen Emma since my wedding reception 17 years earlier. It was great to reconnect.

Thursday morning I enjoyed a great breakfast in the hotel's courtyard and joined the other tour attendees in the lobby. The first stop was shopping in downtown San Francisco. I was especially excited to go fabric shopping at Britex. Britex was wonderful, unfortunately we only had an hour in the store. I could have spend the day there, but then I would have spent a fortune. I did splurge on a beautiful piece of floral Italian silk charmeuse.

Our next stop was a private tour of the beautiful Palace Hotel and lunch.

We ate lunch here. Our table was on the far left. My ideal San Francisco trip would be staying in the Palace Hotel and shopping all day at Britex, which was only a couple of blocks away.

Our third stop was across the bay at Lacis Museum of lace and Textiles in Berkley. Lacis was a cool store/museum full of antique lace, hat making supplies, books, buttons, and other great things that I love.

Thursday night the convention officially started with a dessert reception and a sneak peek of all the fabulous things that we would see this weekend.

Zita dressed in blue loveliness "Legacy of Light" was the centerpiece doll.

The burgundy companion outfit was also available for purchase.

I wish I had been able to buy "The Master's Touch"

We also received swag; "Rich Girl" outfit except for the black dress, and a burgundy fur jacket and hat.

Friday we all stayed at the hotel and enjoyed a lunch and lecture about Balenciaga. "Peccadillo" was the centerpiece doll. I didn't own a "Green Eyes" Gene doll already, so I bought her in this wonderful green suit.

"Espana Noche" was great too. I wish I had bought it.

Everyone loved this suit. It went fast.

We also received a velvet swing jacket and a gift box full of fashion separates to go with the things we had received the night before.

Later that afternoon we attended a presentation given by Wayne Nilson and Lynne Day, former Ashton Drake designers for Gene. I found the lecture very interesting, since I thought it would be fun to be a doll fashion designer for a doll company. I may have changed my mind after that lecture. I loved seeing the slide show of their work.

Of course there were more eye candy to tempt our empty wallets. The fashions for this event were inspired by the San Francisco company LilliAnn.

Friday night's dinner theme was "JAMIEshow", this was the gorgeous centerpiece doll.

"Princesa" dressed doll was available for sale.

"Barcelona" was available as an outfit.

"Flamenco" was available as a dressed doll.

Everyone loved the "Marquesa" dressed doll. She was snatched up fast!

A birds-eye view of the courtyard at the Embassy Suites.

My Room

Saturday was the highlight of the convention. A tour of the Balenciaga exhibit at the DeJung Museum. It was breathtaking, we weren't allowed to take photos of the fashions, but I bought a book with better photos than I would have been able to take with my camera.

Then we went to the Legion of Honor Museum to see the "Pulp Fashion" Exhibit. That was cool too. Who would have thought to recreate history's greatest fashions out of paper?

Golden Gate Glamour ended with a 10 year anniversary banquet celebrating Sandra Stillwell events.

"X" (# 10) was the centerpiece doll.

Sandra gave us some ideas on how to use all the separates that we had received over the weekend. So much fun potential!

You should have heard the gasps of delight when we opened our last gift box and saw that we had all received the fashion that we had been lusting after. What a great night!

Sunday morning I flew home. I took a plane, boat, van, and car to get home. The weather had been warmer in Seattle that weekend than it had been in San Francisco, go figure.

Just a few photos of my ferry ride to the south end of Whidbey Island.

I hope there will be a convention next year! For more details and better photos of Golden Gate Glamour click here.

Thank you Lori Richards for the links and friendship during the weekend.