Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Jacques Fath 1951 Navy Ensemble

It was love at first sight when I first saw this picture, I wanted to make this outfit for Gene! 

The first challenge was finding pleated navy fabric.  When I saw a bolt of navy pleated georgette in my favorite fabric store I snatched it up.  I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.  

The second challenge was finding non-pleated navy georgette that would be a good color match to the pleated fabric.  

The third challenge was figuring out how to construct the outfit.  Is it a dress?  Does it open in the front or back?  I couldn't really tell from the picture.  I didn't want the dress to open in the back because I didn't want to mess with the collar.  I also didn't want the dress to open in the front because I didn't want a seam in the front of the skirt.  I decided to make a petticoat, blouse, and skirt.

I love how it turned out.

The forth challenge was the white contrast fabric.  I originally decided to use white organza for the collar, lower sleeves, and petticoat trim.  The organza ended up being too sheer and wasn't giving me the look I wanted.  I though about using white georgette, but decided it wouldn't be crisp enough.  I was walking around JoAnns Fabrics trying to find the right fabric with no luck.  I ended up in the home dec department looking a white batiste curtain fabric. It was perfect!  It was sheer and crisp, and was exactly what I needed. 

This outfit is the perfect example of why fashion dolls need to have small waists.  If  Gene had a more natural waist, she would look very thick in this outfit.  There are a lot of layers at her waist!

Hat veils are still a challenge for me.

Remember a few posts ago when I said I was going to make smaller batches?  Well, maybe next time.  Five people had been interested in this outfit when I had sold it at a convention back in August, I wanted one for myself, and I also wanted to see what the dress would look like with a full skirt made out of the non-pleated fabric.

It looks fabulous in the regular fabric, which is great for anyone who wants to make this with my pattern but can't find pleated fabric.

I also accidentally discovered that the dress looks great without the blouse.  She could wear it to a cocktail party.

But I'm not done!

While I was cutting out the navy outfits, I started to wonder what this design would look like in a floral fabric without the sleeves.

I love it!

Gene is ready to go to a garden party.

Pattern coming soon!