Monday, September 30, 2013

Convention Outfits

Sigh, I always intend to blog way more than I actually do.

I am finally getting around to sharing the outfits I took to Sandra Stillwell's "Every Day's a Holiday" convention.

I had a WONDERFUL time at the convention and did very well selling my outfits.

I took only 2-4 copies of each outfit, because I wanted to take a variety of things to sell.

I will be making most of these outfits again, and will be blogging about each outfit in detail as I finish each batch of outfits and the pattern.

This suit was inspired by a 1951 Balenciaga creation, the hat is a pin from JoAnn's Fabrics.

This suit was also inspired by Balenciaga, circa 1950.

I made this Balmain suit originally in grey back in March.

When I found this lovely light blue fur, I knew I had to make this suit in blue.  I plan on making this outfit in cream and pink too.

I also made some "Funny Face" wedding dresses.
Givenchy's 1955 dress was also sold at the convention.
This dress looks so Audrey Hepburn to me, even though I have never seen a photo of her wearing it.  Audrey did love Givenchy.
These suits were inspired by my doll clothes idol Matisse.  Her work is stunning!  I stalk her blog almost everyday.  I don't plan on making more of these.