Monday, April 11, 2011

Red, White, and YOU!

When I first saw this outfit, I knew it was a "Must Have".

I would have preferred to buy the outfit alone, but now that she is here, I love the doll too.

High Seas Daphne likes the outfit too, though her hair is a little high on top for the hat.

I can't wait to put this outfit on a Gene doll.

The Return of the Tonners

They're Baaaack! After spending 10 months in their boxes, they are finally out again. When I came home from the last Gene Convention with a trainload of new Gene dolls, I decided to put the Tonners away for a while. Gene is still my first love, but I have always loved the Brenda Starr line too and was so sad when they discontinued it. I am finding myself drawn to the Ann Harper line and have bought a few dolls and outfits so far. Somehow Marilyn Monroe snuck into the group picture. She is new too.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

To Catch a Thief

Grace Kelly wore this stunning outfit in the 1954 film "To Catch a Thief". Edith Head is one of my favorite designers, I love her classic style and have recreated several of her costumes in miniature.

I made this outfit several years ago, but I wanted my own copy. I had the genius idea to cut out as many jumpsuits as I could out of the piece of black knit that I had. Lesson learned- just because you have enough fabric to make 14 outfits, doesn't mean you should. It felt like it took forever to finish all these outfits.

"Pool Pose" Madra loves her new resort wear.

Because the jumpsuit is made of knit, this ensemble fits the Tonner/Tyler dolls too.

I think Daphne Dimples makes a lovely Grace. I use to have a lot of problems photographing the early Tonner dolls. Their skin is rather dark and would always look really dark in my pictures. I shined a light on Daphne while I was taking her picture and am really happy with the results.

She is still a little dark in the full body shots though.

Antionette can also wear this outfit. She claimed that she wanted to jazz it up a little by wearing her red sandals, but the truth is she doesn't have any other shoes.

Outfits are for sale in my blog store.