Friday, January 18, 2013

Modes Royale Sashed Sheath

I adore this dress!

This dress was inspired by a 1957 Modes Royale design.

I love Modes Royale patterns.  I have many, many, many plans to make more of their fashions.

Don't be fooled by the basic sheath lines.  This is not an easy dress to make.  The pleated bodice drape, and armholes are very labor intensive.  The armholes are hand sewn onto the dress.

As you can see, I used the scraps from this fashion to make these sheaths.  This is a great design for scraps.  The chiffon sash and bodice drape are leftovers too.

This dress looks great on Poppy too.  It is a little too tight for the Tonner dolls, but I am going to alter the pattern so it can be adjusted to fit the Tonner dolls.

I had a lot of fun with Poppy during this photo session.

I think this dress would be beautiful in a brocade, or a lace.  I may also make a floor length version someday.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Travilla's "Evita" Suit

Bill Travilla is one of my favorite Hollywood designers.  He is best known for designing for Marilyn Monroe.  I have recreated several of his costumes already and hope to make many more in the future.

This stylish suit was designed for the 1981 made-for-TV movie "Evita Peron", staring Faye Dunaway.  I never had the opportunity to see this movie and I couldn't find any pictures of it on the Internet, but his many sketches for this movie are wonderful.

I made a gray version of this suit too, I love how it turned out.

The "Frogs" are actually Lazy Daisy stitches.

photo by Maria Muljono

Maria gave me the idea of making the suit in gray.  The suit looks great on the Tonner dolls too.

I thought about making this suit in royal, forest green, and mustard wool.  I think it would look great in these colors, but I made ten red suits and five grey suits in this last batch and I am DONE.

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