Monday, November 25, 2013

Suit With Peplum Part 2

This is View B of my latest pattern- Style 122

I made this suit out of black wool with velboa faux fur.  I originally made this suit to sell at my first Gene convention in 2008.
Here is the original.
When I first started making patterns of my designs, this suit was on the list of outfits to make into patterns to sell.  One day I realized that it is the same design as the Balenciaga peplumed suit except for the sleeves.  So I decided to add a view B to the pattern.
This suit was inspired by a tiny black and white photo in a fashion history book.  If I can successfully scan the photo I will add it to this post later.
I can't remember where I found the idea to add the pom-pom to the beret because that was like five years ago, but I like the way it sits on her head without pins.
I may be selling my original 2008 suit in the future.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Balenciaga Suit With Peplum

I am finally getting around to posting about this suit. 

When I first started sewing for Gene ten years ago, I found this photo in a fashion history library book.  This is a 1951 Balenciaga design.  I fell in love with it and decided to make it.
Here is my first attempt back in 2004.
It turned out well, but I felt like the sleeve ruffles lacked the poof that they needed.  I only made two back then, one I sold and one I kept for myself.

Earlier this year, I was playing around with some flower pins that I had found in a craft store.  I thought they made great looking hats.  I remembered how much I love this suit so I decided to remake this suit to sell and then sell the pattern.
I love the texture of the fabric in this suit.  When I found some jacquard in several different colors at the fabric store, I knew it was "meant to be".
It is a challenge to find fabric that has small scaled designs on them.  I think this fabric works well for this suit.
When I found this hat pin at the craft store, I decided to use the teal jacquard for this suit.
I was able to make 5 suits out of a yard of fabric.  I took them to Sandra Stillwell's "Every Days a Holiday" convention and they sold out.  I had many request for more so I bought more teal jacquard and ordered more feather "hats".  I ended up making 10 more suits.  I used stiff tulle in the sleeve ruffles to give them the poof that they needed.
I don't recommend making 10 suits at the same time.  I decided that I have selective ADD, because it was hard for me to stick to my project.
Here is my attempt at recreating this pose.

My model is the JAMIEshow J'Adore Gene.  I now have 3 JS resin Genes at my house.  I love them, they are beautiful, but I am having a hard time photographing them.  I use to have a big problem with my dolls photographing too dark.  Now I have the opposite problem.  Their skin is so light and translucent, that they literally glow.  I feel like their faces get overexposed in my photos.  I need to work on this, but I would rather be sewing than taking pictures.
The teal suits are sold out, but I am planning on making this suit in plum and black at a later date.
The pattern to make this suit is also available here.