Saturday, December 13, 2008

Imitation of Life

Another favorite film of mine with costumes that I love.

Lora Meredith (Lana Turner) wore this stunning sheath and turban ensemble to her daughter's graduation.

Lora wore this cream wool dress and coat home from her trip overseas


Lora wore this lovely lace dress to a party after a very successful premiere.


bebe said...

You know, I may have something that you'd be interested in seeing. I have all of my mom's Madame Alexandria dolls that she got for Christmas each year when she was a girl. They've never been out of their boxes, hair and clothing is all intact, as is the packaging. They have some wonderful (and extremely fashionable) clothing--including sheer stockings with back seams!

Daveland said...

One of my favorite movies - you have captured each outfit perfectly!