Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cocoa Crisp

Cocoa Crisp was my first Wu Gene. I have always loved her. I love her green eyes and her hair.

I have to redo her hair though, a lot of the curl fell out. I have a hard time making it look smooth.
She is one of my favorite models, I have kept her very busy.

Here she is modeling Ashton Drake and Wu outfits.

"The Perfect Gift"

"Cocktail Hour"

"Friendly Connection"

"First Stop, Chicago"

"Garden Party"

"Love's Ghost"

Cocoa Crisp Modeling My Creations

Inspired by Claire McCardell

TDLM's Buyere

"Imitation of Life"

"Little Red Dress"

Daisy Sheath and Jacket

Inspired by Trigere

Inspired by Dior

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