Monday, October 11, 2010

New Things

Even though I have only blogged about one of the many, many things I bought at the last Gene convention, I have decided to write about the last batch of goodies that have made their way up to Whidbey Island.

A couple of months ago Integrity Toys had a Gene sale, I couldn't resist indulging in some more dolls and outfits, the prices were incredible, and they were selling Tawny.

Isn't she gorgeous? I need to figure out how to photograph the darker skin better.

Like many of my Gene dolls, she wasn't on my list as a "Must Have" until I saw Jurrie's website. When I finally decided I needed her, she was sold out, and selling on eBay for a high price. I was thrilled to buy her for a great price.

I also bought "Pearls and Pink" Ivy. She is a beauty too.

I initially passed up "Pool Pose" Madra during the 2008 Gene convention. Her sale price was too good to pass up. She is beautiful, and the perfect hat doll. I don't have pictures of her in her original outfit, because when Tonner's "Captivatingly Coy" arrived, Madra demanded to be the first one to wear it. She is still wearing it.

I have succumbed to the urge to buy more of the "Anne Harper" line by Tonner. I love the vintage styles.

"Bright Days" is lovely.

Sambuca will fit in perfectly with the black cocktailers I am planning on making very soon.

I am very happy with my new loot.


Daveland said...

Diane - I love the look of some of the Anne Harper stuff, but some of the tailoring on Tonner's stuff leaves a little to be desired. How is the Captivatingly Coy outfit? And I agree - Jurrie's website has probably sold a number of Gene dolls because of the fantastically creative photography!

Belladonna said...

Thank you for introducing "Fashion-doll photographs by Jurrie de Vries" website. Beautiful dolls and fashions. Pin-ups are my favourite. I am learning a couple of poses for my dolls. Have you seen Tonner "Regina Returns" outfit? Bought it from Ebay seller futuresight37 for $39 including shoes, purse, gloves & jewelleries. It's all white and it's beautiful. I just need to change the colour of the gloves or purses that match the colour of her hats for different look. I purchased the gloves from Ebay seller auntiescloset1.