Friday, February 18, 2011

I Love Lace Part I

I am in the middle of a huge batch of doll clothes again and wondering why I do the things I do. So I am distracting myself by looking through my ginormous collection of fashion pictures. If you thought my whoared of fabric was bad, you should see all the pictures I have on my computer and in 3-ring binders.

I have a small collection of lace that I am dreaming about using and here is some eye candy for you all. Most of these pictures are from L' Officiel. I pretty sure the word for lace in French is Dentelle now.

More photos to come!


Lauren said...

WOW!! Inspirational!! Thanks for sharing!

Belladonna said...

These outfits look more stylish than the one I asked you to make for me. The fourth from the top looks a lot like "Fashion Royalty Overachiever" but in lace. Are you planning to make some of them? If you are, please let me know.