Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

My wonderful husband gave me a new camera for Christmas. Yesterday I received my first three backdrops from here. I took a quick picture without setting up any extra lighting or editing the photo on the computer and this is what I got!


I am so excited to try my hand at taking better photos now. Now I just need some time.

The outfit that Ivy is wearing was inspired by Dior and I am working on making more at this time.

Oh, and I have 14 more backdrops that I want to order now.


Belladonna said...

Hi Diane,

I would like to have this outfit in Tonner Tyler size.

Diane said...

Belladonna please email me at

citronyella said...

Hi Diane, do you recall the number of that background? I have been going thru their site but so far have not found it. I love this backdrop and your doll looks amazing in front of it. thanks so much!

Diane said...


I have no idea, but I don't know if the number will help you. I made a list of all the backgrounds that I wanted, but when I went to buy them the site didn't really let me look up the backdrops by number. Good luck.