Monday, April 2, 2012

“Green Eyes” Gets a New Hairdo

I bought my “Green Eyes” Gene last Summer at the “Golden Gate Glamour” convention.  I had bought the “Green Eyes” gown a year earlier and was very excited to have both the doll and the outfit in my collection.


Peccadillo 5

Here she is wearing “Peccadillo”  I love this suit.


The only problem was

Peccadillo 2

Her hair was a mess. 


I don’t love loose, un-styled doll hair.  The Integrity Genes’ hair is very hard to manage.  Unless it is put up, or lacquered into a helmet-head it gets very messy.



Image Property of Integrity Toys


Of course in her promotion pictures her hair is lovely.


Image Property of Integrity Toys


But the dolls I get have messy hair and I  can NEVER resist brushing it out.  I always think that I am going to make it better, but I don’t.  I have many dolls in my collection that I thought I could “fix”.


This time I decide to have someone redo her hair who know what she is doing.  I sent my “Green Eyes” and another doll to the lovely Kathy Johnson in Oregon.


d red 3

She had a great time!


And I am now in love!





She is wearing the lovely “Criss Cross” gown.



Love the curls!



Doll and gown reunited.



Next time I use the backdrops I need to make sure that the door doesn’t curve at the bottom.  Otherwise I “heart” this photo.


Other new hairdo coming soon!


Daveland said...

Kathy is not only very talented at what she does, she is one of the nicest people to work with, too. She did a fab job with Green Eyes!

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