Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Something's Got to Give" Suit Part III

Whew!!!!  I am finally finished with the cream suits! Happy dance!  I figured out this morning that by the time I finish the yellow jacquard suits that I cut out to make for the next doll convention this summer, I will have made 20 of this style.

What started out as a commission and two patterns for Gene and the Franklin Mint Marilyn Monroe doll turned into extra suits, a new doll and a third pattern.

After I finished the cream suits to fit Gene, I worked on two suits for the FM Marilyn doll.  I had made the pattern to fit her a few years ago and all I did to alter it was lengthen the jacket a little.  There was a hiccup though, I was using a different cream wool than I had used the last time, and it didn't have as much stretch to it.  I was surprised what a difference that made.  The jackets were way too tight.  I was really bummed and wasn't sure what I was going to do with them.

I decided to try one of the jackets on a Tyler doll and was pleased how well it fit her.  The next thing I knew, I'm on eBay looking at Tonner's Marilyn Monroe dolls.  I ended up buying a nude Tonner Marilyn to sew for.  Her body is a little curvier than Tyler's but the jacket fit her well too. 

FM Marilyn got new jackets and Tonner Marilyn got new skirts.  I now have three different sized suits in this style.

My FM Marilyn's original wig ended up in the garbage.  I didn't like how puffy it was.  I bought a new wig for her and totally jacked it up.  Wig 2 ended up in the garbage also.

FM Marilyn is borrowing an Antoinette wig for this photo shoot. 
It is the right color and length, but I wish it wasn't so thick and straight.

I will be honest, I don't love this version of Marilyn, but I am glad to have her for a model.

She can't hold a candle to the real Marilyn.

To purchase the pattern for the Franklin Mint Marilyn click here.

To purchase the pattern for the Tonner Marilyn click here.

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