Sunday, August 21, 2011

“The Boy Next Door”

Meet Me In St. Louis 4

This is the second outfit that I have made from the film “Meet Me In St. Louis”.  When I first started thinking about sewing for Gene in 2003, I wanted to make all the outfits from the movie.  I made the Trolley outfit in 2009, it was a lot of work.  This outfit wasn’t so bad once I figured out the design.


While I was making the pattern, I noticed that the stripes in the skirt were thicker than the stripes in the bodice.


You can really see the difference in the stripes in this photo.  I have not idea why the stripes are green in this photo.  The stripes also look like they get thinner the closer they get to the waist.

Meet Me In St. Louis 3

There was no way I was going to find fabric like that so I just used a blue stripe.


Here is my lame attempt at using props.

Meet Me In St. Louis 2





A few of these dresses will be available for sale on my Blog Store soon.


linda kaserman said...

I am sooooo impressed. This too is one of my fave movies. My husband just took me to see it at a local theatre - on the big screen. It was stunning. I just love the tennis dress and was considering making something similar to it for a casual wedding this fall. your work is amazing. These costumes for dolls!
I also adore the white/black dress from rear window and was excited to see you had made it also.
Kudos to you! beautiful !

Unknown said...

The thin stripes of the bodice might have been created from the wide-stripe skirt fabric by stitching a very even narrow tuck along the edge of each wide stripe (on the wrong-side of the fabric) to make each stripe thinner. Coco Channel did this sort of thing all the time. :)