Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I found it!

1955 14

Remember this post?

I am happy to announce that I found two different sized black and white dot fabrics. So excited! The outfit has moved up my long list of things to sew, so hopefully soonish I will be making it.

Now for my new obsession

1955 84

Isn’t this 1955 Pierre Balmain dress adorable? I think so, so I started looking for the right fabrics to make it. It was turning out to be much harder than the black and white dot. The salesclerk at the last fabric store suggested I try printing my own fabric. Oh yeah! I have done that before with some Daniel Bingham outfits. Then I started thinking about how I would have to piece together a lot of pieces to make the skirt since the fabric would only be 8 1/2” x 11”. Then I remembered that Daniel Bingham has a link to a company called Spoonflower where you can buy custom printed fabric by the yard. Now I just need to figure out where to find a program to make my stripes. I am so excited!

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miladyblue said...

I love the successful conclusion of a Grail Quest! And make no mistake, your quest for just the right fabrics was a Grail Quest, the same as if you had found a treasured doll. We will, of course, be seeing pictures of these dresses when you are done?