Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Foxes

Sharing another commission

Little Foxes 15

My obsession with classic movies is mostly focused on movies starring Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Lana Turner.  When I was asked to make this gown from the film “Little Foxes” staring Bette Davis, I was rather ignorant of the subject.

Little Foxes 13

I still haven’t seen the whole movie, but I need to see if Netflix has it or something.

Little Foxes 3

Little Foxes 14

Little Foxes 4

The gown is made of a really nice velvet.  A   bustle was requested, which stumped me for a while.  I ended up making a detachable bustle/train.  I am still stumped about how to make a bustle.

Little Foxes 2

Little Foxes 5

Little Foxes 11

I had bought the beaded trim years ago with no purpose in mind, except that I liked it.  I was delighted to find it in my lace stash, I love how it worked out.

.Little Foxes 7

The tulle wrap is also detachable.

Little Foxes 8

Little Foxes 9

This gown is already sold and I am out of beaded trim (wish I had bought more).

Little Foxes 12

The End


Lisa said...

You're so funny. I enjoy reading your posts, so thank goodness you finally wrote two!

Lisa said...

You're so funny. I enjoy reading your posts, so thank goodness you wrote two today!

Belladonna said...

I have one outfit made from black velvet and it leaves stain on my doll. Since then I try to avoid velvet.

Diane said...

Belladonna I worry about it staining the doll too, I lined the dress in white, but it is something to always be aware of. I never leave black gloves on my dolls any longer than it takes to take a picture for the same reason.