Monday, March 3, 2014

The Balenciaga Collection

I just finished my very last batch ever of the Balenciaga suit with peplum style!  This time I made it in plum jacquard.

 I decided to photograph all three suits together before I shipped off all the plum suits.

I really need to learn how to photograph the JAMIEshow Genes without washing out their faces. Have I mentioned before that photography is not my favorite thing?

The hat is a pin from Jo Ann Fabrics.  I need to stock up on these.  They are fabulous! 

There are a lot of awesome possibilities for turning pins into high fashion doll hats.  I bought these two "hats" at Hobby Lobby

I love this new backdrop!

This morning I was excited to find this photo of a 1954 Balenciaga design on Pinterest.  I have more of the jacquard that I used for the other three suits in a dark red.  I will be making this suit out of the jacquard in the future.

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Belladonna said...

I love the backdrop. Where do you get it? I want one too. In case you are looking for great hats, visit

Almost all of my doll hats are made by Peggy.

Let me know when you are about to start with Wallis Simpson's Wedding Gown in Tyler size.