Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'm Back!

After taking several months off from blogging, I'm back!  It was a crazy Summer.  My oldest graduated from high school, our septic system backed up into our house and caused 10 thousand dollars in damage.  Thank you USAA for coming to our rescue!

From June-August, I had to sew like a crazy person in my living room while my sewing room, the family room, and the boys' bathroom/laundry room had to be fixed.  I was making outfits to sell at Sandra Stillwell's "Toast of Manhattan" convention.  I made so many things, and didn't have the time or the place to take pictures of them before I left for New York. 

"Toast of Manhattan" was so much fun.  I did very well selling my clothes and plan to make more of everything ASAP.  I will also be making the patterns of course. 

My oldest is now away at college, and the other two are settled into school.  My house has been repaired, though it is never as clean as I would like it to be.  I am back in my sewing room working hard.  I will be also focusing on some commissions that I said I would make a long time ago.  I was able to score some fabrics in New York City that I need for these commissions.  Fabric shopping in NYC was a dream come true.  I wish I had bought more.


donugene said...

HI Diane, Welcome back. I look forward to seeing your great creations and patterns. You never disappoint. Don in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, I look forward to your new creations! Greetings from Belgium