Monday, November 10, 2014

My Top 15 Designs From 1950 By Other Designers

I couldn't narrow this collection down to 10, so in no particular order, here are my favorite 15 designs by Gres, Desses, Griffe, Piguet, Schiaparelli, Lanvin, Ricci, Montaigne, Rochas, Patou, Heim, and Paquin.

I love the cut-out front of this jacket.

I love the fur trim on both of these outfits, especially the fur on the bottom of the skirts.

 Of course what's not to love about a beautiful lace dress?

This dress is very similar to a Dior dress from the same year.

Love the collar and the length of this jacket/coat.


 Buttons and lambswool!

I really need to find a source for some faux lambswool that would work for the dolls.

I don't know how Desses made this suit with the rounded stripes, but it is awesome!

You can add hip bows to my list of things that I have a "thing" for.

and of course I can't get enough of leopard fur.  LOVE!!!!!!


donugene said...

Oh yes.... I see many that would make great outfits for gene and the ladies ...What are you waiting for !!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Desses probably used wool for the striped suit, and then steamed the wool to stretch one edge and shrink the other edge to get a smooth curve. Wool is rather magic that way. :)

djv.1301 said...

I wish I could post a photo for you of a Dior ensemble that is very similar to the Victoire Roux Faubourg Saint Honore doll. I don't know the exact date the ensemble was created but I'm guessing late forties.