Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Grace Kelly's Black Floral Dress Part II

I finally got around to making this dress again!

It was inspired by the dress that Grace Kelly wore in 1955 when she met her future husband Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Photo Edward Quinn, ©

 I originally made this design way back in 2011 as a commission.

For more photos and information about my first experience, click here.

Last year for Sandra Stillwell's convention in New York, I made four dresses to sell out of this fabric.  They sold out fast, and I intended on going home and using up the rest of the fabric.

I found this fabric on the bargain table at a Hancock Fabrics in Lynnwood, Washington.  It is "mystery" fabric.  I am not sure what it is made out of, but the print was great.  So I bought about 2 or 3 yards of it.

I love this fabric, it is like a cross between a cotton and a taffeta.  It is not shiny, but it has a nice crispness to it and it pressed up beautifully.  The flower print is a nice size for the dolls and I love the colors in the print.

My JAMIEshow "Le Jazz Hot" Oona looks lovely in this dress.  Her Pink lips are perfect with this print.

I think it is a good match for the original dress.

I found this fabric in Kansas City in 2013.  It is a very nice satin and has weight to it.  I loved this print too, so I thought "What the heck........."
"......I will make massive quantities of dresses in both fabrics!"

My "Cool Breeze in Vegas" Oona was chosen to model this version.  I love her red lips with the bolder print.

I keep going back and forth about which dress I love the most.

So I have decided to keep one of each.  One to fit my Grace Kelly Franklin Mint doll and one to fit Gene.

The FM Grace Kelly sized dress also fits the Tonner/Tyler dolls great.

The flower hats are made out of twist ties, Grosgrain ribbon, flowers, leaves, beads, and ball tipped pins.
Here are some more great photos of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier that I found on the internet.

Photo Edward Quinn, ©

Photo Edward Quinn, ©

I want to make the cream brocade engagement dress too.

Photo Edward Quinn, ©

Photo Edward Quinn, ©

Photo Edward Quinn, ©

Photo Edward Quinn, ©

Photo Edward Quinn, ©

To purchase the pattern, click here.
To purchase the dress for Gene, click here.
To purchase the dress for the FM Grace Kelly or Tonner/Tyler dolls, click here.

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