Monday, January 25, 2016

Pierre Balmain Lace Coat Ensemble

I have been sewing for Gene since in 2003.  I have only been making patterns of my outfits since about 2010, that means that there are quite a few past outfits that I want to make into patterns.  I have been trying to balance making new designs with revisiting old designs and a few commissions here and there.  When I turn an old design into a pattern, I have to remake the outfit at least once.  During the construction, I try to take photos of each step for my pattern blog and perfect the fit of the pattern.

This outfit was inspired by a 1953 Pierre Balmain design.  It is one of my all-time favorites.

I originally made this back in 2009.

I searched all over to find a lace that matched the original design.  I ended up using a relatively inexpensive lace from JoAnn's.  I underlined the lace with silk dupioni and that made the lace look a lot nicer.

For the scalloped edging, I clipped it off the bottom of some lace trim and hand stitched the edging all around the coat and on the sheath.

 For my pattern prototype, I used satin for the underlining.

 My model is my newest Gene- Holiday Gala Gene, she is beautiful.

I had to move the backdrop around to keep the table from looking too tall for my doll.
I'm not the only person to make this outfit, Sandra Stillwell made this beautiful version.
 Photo property of Sandra Stillwell

Photo property of Sandra Stillwell
The sheath under Sandra's coat is especially nice, I love the chiffon sash.  I didn't realize there was a sash on the sheath when I was designing my version.
 I didn't notice this detail back in 2009.

Of course I found this photo years later, I hate it when that happens!
 Here is my version.

I started to redesign my sheath while making the pattern, but it was a pain in the butt.  I just wasn't getting it right and it was taking forever.  I then made the decision to go back to my original sheath.  It is easier to make and less bulky.  Maybe I will try my hand at making the sheath as a stand-alone design later.  It is too beautiful to hide under the coat in my opinion.
To purchase this pattern, click here.


MyEijzio said...

wooow! So beautiful! So much love and time put in to this creation! I wish I was half as good designer/sewer!

betty said...

Your clothes are beautiful. You are very talented.

betty said...

Your clothes are beautiful. You are very talented.