Friday, January 1, 2016

The Evening Separates Collection in Black and White


Introducing my "Evening Separates Collection"

 In white,
 and black and white 
There is a story about this ensemble.  I was inspired by Wayne Nilson's fabulous evening dress.
So much awesomeness!!!!!! 
I could never dream of even coming close to making such an outfit, but wanted to make an outfit like his.   I decided to make the shoulder piece detachable for more dolly play which evolved into more pieces being added to the collection.  Warning!  Lots and lots of photos coming!

 The shoulder piece hooks onto the bustier with thread loops.

 This is a skirt and buster,
 which lead to me thinking, "I should add a chiffon skirt!"
 So pretty!

But I wasn't done yet!  That go me thinking about a lace shrug.

This is how I ended up making a 5-piece evening separates ensemble.  I love the six great looks that it can make with all these pieces.
Here are the looks in black,
 Look #1

 Look #2

 Look #3

 Look #4

 Look #5

 Look #6

and in black and white

Here are photos of a commission.
To visit Dave's wonderful blog click here.
I also made this variation of the design.
 A 3-piece lace and tulle set

The 3-piece set and the B&W set have been sold.
The 5-piece sets are for sale.  $125.00 plus shipping and handling.
To purchase this pattern, click here.


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