Thursday, June 18, 2009


Over the years I have been told, "Diane, you are so creative, you should be a fashion designer."

I learned in college that I am not a fashion designer. I can't make up new fashions off the top of my head. I think I am creative, but not inventive.

I am a good copier.

I am good at looking at a design and figuring out how it is put together. Unless it is draped. That still eludes me. When I see a drawing or a photo of an outfit that I like. I start thinking about how I can make it, and miniaturize it. I sometime will make something that is a composite of several outfits that I like, but usually I just copy what I see. I never claim I make the design myself, if I was inspired by Dior, I give him credit. Most fashion doll collectors love copies of real fashions and costumes, I know I do.

The other thing I hear a lot besides "You're crazy!" is, "You could make so much more money sewing for humans."

I don't agree with that at all. First of all, I love sewing for the 15"-16" fashion doll. I think they are the perfect size for me. They are big enough to get detailed without going crazy like I did sewing for Barbie, and small enough that I can get an outfit out of a small piece of fabric.

The other thing I love about sewing for dolls is they have perfect figures. Everything looks great on them, they never loose or gain weight, and they don't mind standing around naked for days or getting poked with pins. I would much rather sew a gown for my dolls than an ugly bridesmaid dress.

Also in my experience, people don't want to pay what it is really worth for a custom garment. Some even think it should be cheaper than what they find in the store.

I use to make a lot of clothes for myself until I had my children. The body has never been the same since! It also doesn't save money sewing for myself, and the fabric selections in my area leave a lot to be desired.

If I weighed less, and had a place to wear them, I would make myself Marfy clothes. I love many of their designs. But I'm a mom of 3, and live in a town where if you don't wear your PJ's to Walmart you're dressing up.

I think I will stick to sewing for the dolls.

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